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Best ways to protect your home this year

Some of the best ways to protect your home in 2020


Some of the best ways to protect your home in 2020

Some of the best ways to protect your home in 2020

Burglary rates are on the rise, and to combat criminals finding new technologies and intuitive ways to break into our homes, we?ll have to take some extra steps to protect ourselves and our property.

With a reputation for protecting homes throughout the North West, here at Link Alarms, we thought it would be a good idea to provide our top safety tips, so you sleep soundly at night without the fear of being intruded.


Doors, doors and more doors

You may think the windows are the biggest opportunity to be burgled, but unless you?ve got a slim intruder or one who can fit through tiny gaps, then the window is unlikely to be their opportunity to pounce.

Instead, the breaking and entering is usually done via the door, and not just the front door, any door!

If any doors have a double lock or bolt then ensure these are on, to add an extra layer of safety, whilst any potentially flimsy doors could be blocked up or have something heavy behind it.

Make it your routine to check all doors before going to bed, as well as when you’re leaving the house.


Lights, camera, action

Just having an outdoor security light can decrease the chances of you being broken into. Criminals like to work in darkness, and just like an animal in the headlights, they?ll be startled by bright lights reflecting off them.

Lights also increase the likelihood of them being seen, so they?ll tactically pick out those houses without lights when planning their next break-in.

They needn’t be expensive, with motion sensors helping to detect when someone comes across the light’s path and lighting up the area around your home. It’s probably the best deterrent you can have other than an alarm.


Don’t neglect the garage

This especially rings true if your garage connects to the inside of your home. Garages are used all the time, whether its to park the car, or to simply get any of the clutter or garden necessities out of, and that is where problems can arise.

Garages are often left unlocked, so no matter what security you may have got yourself, it can all be undone by some lazy locking of the garage. Always remember to lock up after you, checking at night if possible. An easy and simple way to protect your home.


Alarm yourself

It is a no brainer, but so many UK households continue to invite potential criminals into their home due to the lack of alarm system in place.

It’s easy to spot those without alarms too, as the boxes outside the property will be non-existent or perhaps not working. These are ideal targets and you are a walking robbery waiting to happen if you continue to live alarm-less.

Get yourself at the very least a basic house alarm, and if your budget will stretch to it, think about CCTV or devices that can be controlled whilst you are away.

The above is just a snippet of some of the ways you can be more home safe. If you need any more advice on how to protect your home or are interested in investing or upgrading your house’s alarm systems, then get in touch on 01514235154 and we?ll be happy to help.

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