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Commercial CCTV Systems

Link alarms are one of the North West's premier installers of CCTV systems, and only use the highest quality equipment to ensure your business has the protection it needs. All our CCTV Systems installations provide high definition footage that can be used in a court of law as the systems we install comply with UK police policy on quality, storage, export and playback.

Our Commercial CCTV Systems gives the customer total confidence should anything occur whilst away from the premises. Images will be stored on the latest DVR/NVR ensuring customers a fast accurate retrieval for the police.

We excel in networked CCTV systems which will provide the customer with superior images via their smart phone or tablet wherever they may be in the world. Incorporated into our security systems this offers the customer total control when notified of an activation.

With the most recent findings suggesting that CCTV Systems does reduce the impact of crime on businesses we believe our systems will offer you the protection your business needs to continue to provide essential services to all your customers.

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