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CCTV System help Police in search for Missing Man

CCTV System help Police in search for Missing Man


The Uses for CCTV & How to Get the Most of them

Throughout the world, closed-circuit television (CCTV) is being used as a mode of surveillance as well as a tool to help solve a crime. All sorts of theft, harassment, kidnapping, vandalism and the like are discouraged in areas that have heavily surveillance through the installation of CCTV cameras every mile. These video recordings made on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week, provide vital information and clues to police departments and often make closing cases simpler. The inadmissible evidence accumulated helps imprison the perpetrator as well. According to research, out of 90 murder cases in Scotland, 86 were solved through the use of CCTV footage. One important aspect in which CCTV systems are used is to find people who have been reported missing.

How do these CCTV systems aid the police search for missing people?

1) Help track movements

Due to the fact that CCTV surveillance is so extensive, it enables police officers to track every movement that was made by the missing person. Starting from the place they were last seen, they are able to track down every turn and every step they took. This provides a certain direction in which they look for the missing person, often finding them within a matter of hours if not minutes.

2) Helps track vehicles

As mentioned above, the nature of surveillance is so expansive that it enables the tracking of vehicles as well. In some serious cases where kidnapping is involved, most perpetrators will move the victim to a van or a car. Not only will CCTV capture that exact move but it will also provide the identity of the perpetrator along with the picture of the car and its license plate.

3) Description of individual

Through the CCTV system, the police are able to provide an accurate description of both the perpetrator and the missing person. Their clothes, height, facial features, hair and the like. This will ensure that the public has a fair idea about what to look for around themselves. Additionally, screenshots from the CCTV footage can also provide pictorial proof thus ensuring that the people know exactly what they look like. Thus, when they spot someone who matches the descriptions they will call it in and the police will begin their investigation.

4) Constant surveillance

The nature of surveillance is such that it runs every second of every day. If a situation occurs where the police were unable to locate the missing person immediately, they will still be able to monitor the whole city through the CCTV. Thus, any move that is made by a perpetrator or the missing person will be noted and the response will be instantaneous.

5) Inadmissible evidence in court?

One of the best advantages of using CCTV for solving missing person cases is that, in a situation of kidnapping, the footage can be used in court. Its nature is inadmissible and thus, it and be used to hold the perpetrator responsible for their actions.

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