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CCTV’s uses & how to get the most of it


The Uses for CCTV & How to Get the Most of them


The Uses for CCTV systems & How to Get the Most of them

In today’s age, we are surrounded by the constant knowledge we live me a big brother society. From the moment you leave your door in the morning till you return at night, you will be recorded on average 15-55 times per day. Many people agree that we are slowly becoming a nation becoming under the watchful eye of the hundreds and thousands of cameras around our towns and cities. As technology becomes much more advanced we will see more uses of CCTV. CCTV is a wonderful piece of technology on a domestic basis as well as commercial being the biggest benefactor. CCTV allows us to protect our homes, properties, businesses, cars, loved ones, etc.

So how can we get the most out of CCTV?

The main draw for using CCTV is to be a huge deterrent to potential would be thieves and troublemakers. The simple knowledge of having CCTV in a dominant but visible presence can be enough to stop people. People are aware they are being recorded/watched and aware they could be prosecuted for crimes quite easily with video evidence. If you are planning on installing CCTV at your home or business ensure you have good use of signage around to make sure people are aware the cameras are not imitation and that they are being watched.

To ensure you get the best out of your CCTV, Link Alarms would highly recommend that colour cameras are always used. We would not recommend removing black and white cameras unless you upgrade to full colour at the same time but colour allows you to establish quickly what a troublemaker is wearing and colour of their clothing allowing the police to make quicker decisions if required.

We also would suggest looking at the quality of your camera equipment and highly recommend the use of 1080p camera quality. This will ensure you do not have grainy or difficult to see pictures.

We also recommend that you get your camera system from specialists like Link Alarms. Specialists like ourselves are able to provide the best equipment and install in the optimal positions. We can provide full security audits to ensure each camera installed on your CCTV system is used to its advantage and that your home does not have any camera black spots. By doing this you will ensure your home is covered whether you are at home or not.

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