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Why every business should have a door entry system

Why every business needs a door entry system


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Why every business needs a door entry system

The world continues to become more digital-savvy by the day, yet many ?modern-day? businesses continue to go old school with their security, especially when it comes to their offices.

It needs little explanation, but the consequences can be serious, with businesses finding out the hard way, usually at an extremely high cost.

We?ve come up with just a few of the reasons why every business needs a door entry system, come and take a look, you may be surprised at how much you’re missing out on!

It lets you track who is in the building

It’s an absolute dream for HR to have a working entry door system, and the beauty is that you can track every individual in the office if you have the right product.

Especially in larger businesses, certain staff can be prone to sneaking off and trying to do as little work as possible, but this can be a huge deterrent.

An excellent tool for recording punctuality, managers can see exactly when employees clock in and out, how long they take for their break and more.

It also comes in handy should the worst happen, and a fire breaks out, leading to an evacuation. Knowing exactly the right number of employees in the building will allow those fire wardens to see if anyone may still be left inside.

It lets you control who enters the building

Similar to the above, only this time you can control who enters the building. By having an entry system, you can avoid the risk of uninvited guests walking in unannounced.

Door entry systems can even be fitted with facial recognition, so should your staff lose their entry card, even if it ends up in the wrong hands, it will be useless.

This can also help staff inside see who is attempting to get in and make the decision whether to open the door or leave it closed.

Your belongings are far more secure

Because anyone can pick a lock or cut a padlock right? There’s a good reason why all cars come with electric locking systems in this day and age, security, so why isn’t business deemed as important?

Not only are there multiple steps for an intruder to even attempt to break-in, but the alarm will go off straight away, sometimes even notifying the emergency services.

Just think of all the expensive technology, tools, and equipment that is left lying around the office or workshop, could you afford to potentially lose all that because of poor security?

Here at Link Alarms, we can provide a range of bespoke door entry systems, suiting all sizes and budgets, and installed by our team of fully-qualified, expert engineers.

If you’re thinking of getting a door entry system installed, or just want some more information, give us a call on 0151 423 5154 and we?ll be happy to assist.

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