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Five Benefits to Business CCTV in Widnes

Five Benefits to Business CCTV Widnes | Link Alarms Blog


If you own a business in Widnes and looking to invest in a CCTV security system, then you’re in the right place.

At Link Alarms, we offer installation, maintenance and repairs on all our services regarding CCTV Widnes.

Are you not sure whether CCTV is the right option for you or your business, then take into account the following five benefits to having CCTV Widnes:

Benefits of CCTV Widnes

1. Crime prevention

By law, you must tell people they are being recorded when you install CCTV security. This is usually done by displaying visible and readable signs throughout the premises.

The signage alone will be a big step to preventing crime as the criminals won’t want to be caught on camera. But, if they still take a chance, you have the evidence you need to prosecute.

2. Avoid internal & external theft

Once you’ve started a business, it becomes your baby. You need to protect your business at all costs, inside and out. CCTV will help prevent any unnecessary damage to your business, such as employee theft and external robbery.

Having CCTV Widnes, will eliminate your blind spots. Keeping your business safe, whether you’re in the office or away, you know what’s going on with your business.

3. Evidence collection

Suppose something were to occur on your premises. In that case, you have the video evidence to hold against the person/people who committed the crime.

With Link Alarms, we provide high definition footage that can be used in a court of law. The systems we install comply with UK police policy on quality, storage, export and playback.

4. Staff security

Your employees are your primary priority. You want them to feel safe and secure working at your business. Having CCTV overlooking your staff will ensure they feel safe. Still, it will also provide you with insight into the workings of your business.

CCTV in the workplace encourages good behaviour and helps avoid complications around any workplace allegations, internally from other staff members or externally from intruders.

5. Customer satisfaction

Especially within a retail business, customer satisfaction is at the forefront of your businesses values. As you can’t be monitoring your staff all day, every day, if any issues are brought up, you can ‘see for yourself’ what the situation was/is.

Having CCTV Widnes in place will help you take the next necessary steps to increase your service quality.

As the go-to installers for CCTV Widnes, Link Alarms will keep you and your business safe and secure, just as we have since 1979.

Call Link Alarms today on 0151 423 5154 or fill out our contact form here.

Keep your business safe and secure with Link Alarms.

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