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House alarms need servicing regularly

Why do house alarms need servicing regularly?


Why do house alarms need servicing regularly?

Why do house alarms need servicing regularly?

House alarms are systems that prevent intrusion, usually by making a loud sound that can be heard by neighbours when an intruder enters. If you?ve gone as far to fit an alarm into your business or house ? great! You?ve made a big step towards increased security for your property. However, it’s good to keep in mind that alarms can break down in a number of ways that aren’t entirely visible and so servicing your alarms regularly ensures maximum security and success of your alarm.

Because alarms are made up of several components, it’s important to have your alarm serviced regularly so that issues in any part can be picked up and solved quickly. For example, when a professional services your house alarm they are able to detect whether there may be future faults in the circuit and detection components and they can prevent these faults from occurring thus keeping your house alarm in working order.

Another factor that many people forget about is the battery life of a house alarm: the internal battery needs replacing at the least every 2 years to prevent battery death or battery failure. Whilst you may think that you can check for battery failure yourself, other issues with a house alarm are better left to a professional.

If there’s a fault in your open circuit (the part of your alarm that makes it hard for intruders to disable the alarm) then professionals can use a multimeter to assess this ? I bet you can’t DIY that! Lastly, the weather can wreak havoc on your alarm, with damp damaging the circuit and a number of other parts of the alarm. By having your alarm serviced regularly, any corrosion caused by damp can be addressed swiftly.

How often your alarm needs to be serviced depends primarily on the type of alarm that you have: bells only or with a police approved monitoring system (snazzy!). If your house alarm is bells only, you’re looking at needing servicing once per year. Alternatively, police monitored alarms should be serviced twice a year to maintain usage.

Even though the battery only needs to be checked and changed every 2 years, there are other problems as discussed which arise more often and so need to be caught within time: making an annual service the better option. This means that problems can be caught and solved whilst they are developing, instead of waiting until your house alarm isn’t working at all which will need a bigger job to fix.

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