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How Security Systems can discourage thieves

How Security Systems can discourage thieves?


Can Security Systems actually discourage thieves?

In this last year or two, we’ve probably spent more time in our homes than we ever have done in our lives. From lockdown to lockdown and working from home, there’s now nowhere we know better than our homes!

But as restrictions around COVID-19 start to lift, it’s still important to discourage any would-be thieves by maintaining or improving your current security systems with Link Alarms.

CCTV is the most imperative preventative measure you can take in making sure your home is discouraging would-be burglars. A top of the range security system from Link Alarms is the equivalent of having a policeman patrolling the perimeter and inside your home, 24/7. Would-be thieves are always discouraged by CCTV as this would be an easy way for them to be caught in the act.

If you think CCTV could be an option for your home, you should consider those systems that incorporate smart/cloud technology. Being able to access your home security system via an app gives you complete control and peace of mind that your home is safe, while you try to regain some social normality after too long without it!

Many alarm systems are monitored externally by a security company for a charge, but this can give your home an added layer of protection.


Whether you’re at home, abroad (fingers crossed!) or making the most of the current return to normal activities, having adequate lighting alongside your home security system, provides an effective deterrent to potential burglars looking to take advantage.

Motion-sensitive lighting is a perfect partner to your home security system, without looking like a security measure!

Even though these security systems and add-ons are a good way to prevent thefts, it is always advisable to make sure your windows and doors are secured and locked when you leave home. Gates and sheds are should have strong padlocks with keys.

Could you benefit from a home security system upgrade now lockdown measures are easing? Call Link Alarms on 0151 423 5154 or click here for an online quote!

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