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How Security Systems can discourage thieves



How Security Systems can discourage thieves?

Can Security Systems actually discourage thieves?

Our homes are becoming hubs or entertainment filled to the top with technology and expensive items. We all like to work hard for a living and enjoy the little things in life and the thought of thief entering your home and taking your possessions is something each and every one of us fears. As the winters draw in and the inevitable festive period approaches, more and more of our homes are becoming huge targets to these particular people.

It is not all doom and gloom as we have some top tips about how security systems can discourage thieves from entering your home.

CCTV or as I like to call it Big Brother, is the most imperative preventative measure you can take in making sure your home is discouraging would-be burglars. Good CCTV camera equipment is 24/7 policemen patrolling the perimeter and inside your home. Thieves are always discouraged by CCTV as this would be an easy way for them to be caught in the act.

I good visible CCTV system with signage around the perimeter of your home will give a stark warning to all those interested in your home.

If you do opt to have CCTV installed think about the new and upcoming smart technology with cloud-based storage and phone app notifications on any potential threats to your home.

Alarm systems have been around for decades and have lost some of their appeals but still, offer a good deterrent to would-be thieves. The alarm boxes on the external walls and loud noise would stop any burler in their tracks Most alarm systems nowadays have links to your phone allowing you to monitor the situation if you’re alerted to an intrusion.

Some alarm systems are monitored externally by a security company for a charge but can give you peace of mind that your home is protected.




Lighting may not seem like a potential security measure to prevent theft on your home but I strongly believe this type of addon to your security system will prevent any unwanted attention to your home. If your home has automated lighting this will help to show passing interest that your home is occupied when in-fact you maybe a 1000 miles away.

Other types of lighting such as motion sensitive lighting can help aid security cameras to do their job properly.

Even though these security systems and add-ons are a good way to prevent thefts it is always advisable to make sure your windows? and doors and security with strong locks, gates and sheds are secured with proper locks, your valuables are out of sight and the golden rule never advertise you are away from home on social media.

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