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How to ramp up your garden security

garden security


How to ramp up your garden security

How to ramp up your garden security

We may be paranoid about keeping our homes locked and burglar-proof, but how many of us take that same level of detail when it comes to our gardens? The answer is probably very few.  

As home security systems become more and more advanced, thieves are instead opting for the much easier task of garden theft, with many of Britain’s home having little to no security outback.  

Plants, ornaments and furniture are all increasing in price, and thus makes them a lucrative smash and grab for robbers looking to make a quick sale.  

As summer approaches, we?ve decided to look at the ways you can ramp up your garden security, ensuring your contents are kept pride of place for those warmer nights.  


Secure that shed 

Sheds and outbuildings are unsurprisingly the most common things that are broken into when it comes to garden claims, but it really shouldn’t be that way.  

Most are left unlocked, which is pretty staggering considering many house expensive road and mountain bikes, the lawnmower and many other garden furniture and equipment.  

To combat this, purchase a strong lock and padlock, and if there are any windows to your shed then purchase some blinds so no one can see the contents inside.  



Believe it or not, most thieves tend to simply walk through the garden gates?a world away from the imagery of them climbing over the fences.   

They do this, well because why do they need to climb when homeowners simply leave the gates unlocked. Many just slide the bolt across, which is hardly a foolproof way of avoiding intruders.  

Make sure you look after your gates, as rusting and the wood rotting can decrease security even further. Replace panels when needed and always have a heavyduty padlock that can withstand the British weather.  


Make it difficult to breakin 

It sounds so simple, but how many of us leave the bins or other objects right next to the gates and fences. These provide an easy and safe climbing structure to quickly enter or exit a garden, and that is exactly what the criminals are looking for.  

Instead, put the bins in a place that has no access to the gates and fences, and move any items that may aid any potential thief.  


Light the place up  

CCTV can be expensive, but it is a sure-fire way of putting off potential burglars. Security lightshowever, offer a similar level of deterrent and are great at scaring off any trespassers.  

It may get slightly annoying when it goes off now and then due to the neighbour’s cat, but thieves no too well to avoid going near houses with security lights, as they normally aren’t worth the risk.  

If your garden security needs an upgrade, then Link Alarms can help. Get in touch with us on 01514235154 and a member of our expert team will discuss the various options to keep your house and home secure.

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