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Misconceptions around home security

Common misconceptions around home security


Common misconceptions around home security

Common Misconceptions around Home Security in the UK

We’re all paranoid when it comes to keeping our homes secure, but just how safe are those tricks and tips you?ve been sharing over the years?

Here at Link Alarms, we?ve decided to do a blog on some of the most common misconceptions surrounding home security and the ways you can avoid them.

Always leave a light on when you’re out

It always tops the list, but leaving a light on can sometimes be more of a ?come and get me? plea than it is a deterrent to burglars.

Timers are also good but they can be a real red flag to any on looking burglars. Having a light go on and off at the same time, will alert burglars that no one is in. It’s simply unnatural to have a light go off at 10 pm every night.

Having your house lit up like Blackpool illuminations, alongside the distinct lack of movement and even cars outside can give burglars the opportunity they are waiting for.

If you do need to leave the house empty, then sometimes it’s best to avoid lights altogether.

Alarm systems are expensive and difficult to manage

Wrong! Alarm systems come in all shapes, sizes and prices and no matter what your budget, you should always have an alarm system in place.

Not only will it alert you to any potential intruders, but if you’re out, then your neighbours will also be warned to anything out of the ordinary.

At Link Alarms, we provide a wide choice of alarm options, from the top of the range to the budget, and all will improve your home security.

I live in a quiet area, there’s no need to worry about break-ins!

Most break-ins occur in these areas, as opportunistic thieves see the chances of being caught far less in remote areas. There’s also less chance of a neighbour being awoken or even finding out.

If you live in a remote area, although it may be leafy and quiet most of the time, you’re sitting on a hotbed of potential criminal activity and should secure your home at all times.

I have a large pet, he’s more than enough of a deterrent

Whilst an oversized or aggressive canine may be just the trick to put off potential intruders, they won’t be able to protect you by themselves.

With no alarm, there is no warning, and therefore the family pet may be caught off guard by any break-in. Burglars now tend to be more violent than in the past, so carrying weapons that could disable the pet are a worry.

To be on the safe side, you would be best to be extra careful and have an alarm system as well as a guard animal, as just the sight of an alarm is enough to put off certain criminals.

Above are just a few of the common misconceptions of alarm systems, if you need to upgrade yours, or have any questions about staying safe, give Link Alarms a call on 0151 423 5154 and one of the team will be happy to help.

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