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Security System Repairs at Link Alarms

Security System Repairs


A short guide into the world of security system repairs

Sometimes even the sturdiest security system breaks. These things happen.

At Link Alarms, we take tired, old and eventually functionless security systems and repair them to their former glory!

You might not think it, yet nine out of ten times, a security system in a state of disrepair, can often be fixed with a single part.

In our latest Link Alarms blog, we dissect many reasons why your security system might have broken and how our team can fix it!

Technical Issues –

As the saying goes, ‘when technology works….’ Even the most hi-tech kit can become faulty. In the case of security systems, he’s just a sample of some of the technical issues they can encounter over their shelf-life:

  • The backup battery may need to be replaced – without a backup battery, a security system alarm, whether commercial or domestic, can’t function correctly and, in some cases, at all.
  • There could be an open tamper on one of your detectors – If one of the detectors on an alarm has an open tamper, this hampers its ability to detect intruders.
  • The transformer could have gone on your control panel – without this, the main functions of your security alarm system are impaired significantly.
  • There could be a fuse blown – one of the more common technical issues our repair team gets called out to!
  • There could be a cut cable somewhere – Often accidentally or caused by natural wear and tear, a cut cable is a sure sign that you require an alarm repair!

Environmental Issues –

Given that many security systems, both domestic and commercial, are often installed outside, it’s fair to say that they can take a bit of a battering from the great British weather!

This can cause significant disruption and damage to your external sounder and cause it to stop working altogether.

We can’t forget about the creepy crawlies that could find their way into one of your detectors. The warm, damp conditions provide a perfect environment for spiders but come at a detrimental cost to your security system.

At Link Alarms, we provide complete Security System Repairs for fire alarms, CCTV systems, access control and door entry systems.

Get in touch by calling 0151 423 5154 or get a quote for your next security system here from Link Alarms, keeping you secure since 1979.

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