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The History of Burglar Alarms

The History of Burglar Alarms


What is an Access Control System?

You?ve all got one (or at least you should have!) but the burglar alarm has become a standard for many a homeowner when it comes to protecting their property and most importantly, their family.

So it may surprise you then that the burglar alarm has over 160 years of history! In our latest blog, we?ll touch on a little bit of this rich history while discussing the options we have at Link Alarms.

So pull up a chair, grab your readers as we take you on a journey across space and time into the history of security!

Augustus Russell Pope

This is the man who you can thank for keeping you safe at night. On the 21st June 1853, the world’s first electromagnetic alarm system was patented.

An inventor from Sommerville, Boston, Pope’s design was a simple and effective one. An intruder would be caught as soon as they opened a door or window. The electric current in the device would then be closed sending electromagnetic vibrations to a hammer, which in turn would strike a brass bell thus alerting the homeowner to the unwanted visitor.

The key feature of the device was that however hard the intruder tried to switch off the ringing of the brass bell, the first incarnation of the burglar alarm would not stop by simply closing the window or door that the intruder had used to enter the property.

This was due to a mounted switch spring which allowed the electrical current to continue to flow and keep the bell ringing until the spring was reset by the homeowner.

Edwin Holmes

Despite the genius work of Pope, the name most commonly associated with the burglar alarm is that of Edwin Holmes.

Holmes, an astute businessman, bought the rights to Pope’s invention in 1857. The device became the hallmark product of the first security/alarm company ? the ?Holmes Electric Protection Company?.

The Birth of the Modern Alarm

The 70s, 80s and 90s all contributed to the burglar alarm that we are accustomed today. The 70s saw engineers create the first alarm with built-in motion sensors.

The latter two decades were where security systems and alarms, for both domestic and commercial use became common practice. This demand eventually led to the birth of the wireless alarm system.

Fast forward to 2020 and that’s where the team at Link Alarms come in!

What we offer

At Link Alarms, we offer two types of burglar alarms ? wired and wireless domestic intruder alarms


  • Fully conforms to SSAIB standards
  • If required, 24/7 365 days a year cover by experienced professionals for that added layer of protection
  • If your insurance requires, we can provide a range of signalling options, e.g. BT
  • For existing systems, a full maintenance package can be provided to suit your needs


  • Statistically proven to reduce your risk of burglary/theft
  • Our award-winning alarms can alert you via a smartphone, giving you complete control over your home security
  • CCTV can also be incorporated to give you full peace of mind for the inside and outside of your property.
  • Our engineers will install a system to your exact requirements and demo the product ensuring you have full knowledge of the device and its workings.


Looking for a burglar alarm that you can trust? Contact us on 0151 423 5154 or request a callback here.

We’re Link Alarms. Keeping you secure since 1979.

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