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Top Five Reasons to Install a CCTV Camera System



Installing a CCTV Camera System in your home is essential to deterring burglars away from your home.

80% of burglaries occur in homes that aren’t fitted with a CCTV Camera System.

You can dramatically decrease your chances of a break-in by installing a CCTV Camera System – giving you total peace of mind.

This blog will explain the top five reasons to install CCTV in your home.

Why you should install a CCTV Camera System

Installing CCTV in your home can make all the difference. Read below all of our reasons why you should use Link Alarms today!

Protect your possessions

Many possessions are worth some value inside your home and could be a target for burglars.

Possessions like TVs, laptops or gaming consoles need to have that protection with the expensive nature of those items.

Recent statistics show that in half of the home burglaries, robbers take £644 worth of items, with the mean average in the UK at a staggering £2,856.

Ensure the safety of family

One of the biggest reasons you should install a CCTV Camera System is for your own and your family’s safety.

A Link Alarms CCTV system is ideal for keeping an eye on your loved ones and giving them peace of mind.

Your family’s safety is the priority, and installing CCTV on your property will help keep them safe.

Crime Prevention

Criminals are deterred from your property if you are protected with CCTV.

Visible CCTV Cameras are critical to stopping burglaries. Criminals are less likely to invade a home with a strong security presence.

Catching the criminal

If a burglary occurs on your property, the likelihood of them getting caught increases with the evidence on show.

Despite the increased chance of catching the criminal, 95% of cases remain unsolved, and only 3.1% of arrested burglars are convicted of a crime.

Cheaper Insurance

Installing CCTV on your property can help secure a cheaper insurance premium.

Insurance companies will offer a reduced premium should there be CCTV installed on your property.

Our Services

All of our CCTV systems can offer you and your family total control to view your home from anywhere in the world by streaming live high definition images to your smartphone or tablet.

With the latest advancements in technology, we can also offer you a fully integrated security system with CCTV systems.

Upon activation of your alarm system, it will notify you via your smartphone, thus enabling you to view the incident immediately and take the relevant course of action.

Contact Us

Link Alarms protect thousands of family’s across the North West, and our high definition CCTV systems can be tailored to your home and family’s exact requirements.

With over 10,000 installations to date, our five-star customer feedback speaks for itself.

Call us today on 0151 423 5154 for more information on how to get your CCTV Camera System today!

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