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What are Door Entry Systems?

Why every business needs a door entry system


At Link Alarms, we not only specialise in domestic and commercial alarms but also door entry systems.

Whether it’s for business or home use, we offer an extensive range of audio and video door entry systems.

Here at Link Alarms, we strive to provide the very best for both service and product in an ever-expanding door entry systems market. Whilst never compromising on bespoke features to cater to every customer’s individual needs.

What types of Door Entry Systems do Link Alarms offer?

We offer two types of bespoke door entry systems at Link Alarms:

VideoA video door entry system is often used at the front or external entrance of a business or residence. Verification is subject to visual identification, which will be carried out by security or the property owner.

AudioAn audio door entry system is very similar to a video door entry system. As you would imagine, the only difference is that verification is done via voice/speech rather than video.

These door entry systems are perfect for small, local businesses or even a residential block of flats or housing.

Where can you install a Door Entry System?

Our expert team of engineers can install door entry systems in all manner of locations; however, our expertise lies in entry doors, garages and external gates.

If you have more bespoke requirements or are unsure if we can help with your door entry system installation, please click here.

For more information on all our alarm and security products and services, please call 0151 423 5154 or today!

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