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What is an Access Control System?

Why every business needs a door entry system


What is an Access Control System?

Everyone knows alarms are paramount to keeping people out of your home or business, but what happens to your security when people and staff are inside the building.?

Whether you’re a small or large business, it’s impossible to trust all of your staff 100% of the time, and sometimes some parts of your business need to be off-limits‘to certain employees.??

But what exactly is an access control system???

Staff?are kept where you want them

It may seem a little big brother like, but?there will be certain rooms, filing cabinets or machinery that should only be used or operated by certain staff.?

This is where an access control system works perfectly.?

It works great for fire drills and evacuations too, with each part of the building simply having to count their whole team. HR can also check who was in the building at what time, and if is anyone missing, they can see exactly what team they are from and wherein the premises they may be stuck or unaware of the fire/risk.?

It can avoid staff procrastination

An area that businesses rarely realise until they have these types of systems installed.?

For example, why would someone in HR need to trek half-way across the building to speak to someone in the marketing department, when a phone call or email would suffice???

It may sound daft, but there are friendships throughout the workplace, and many employees will like to use up their own work time to visit friends in other departments, merely for a chat or what happened in the football last night.?

By limiting movement, you ensure teams stay together and if they do need to speak to another member of a team then they could get the manager to do so (who will have whole access in the building).?

External visitors can only visit low-risk areas of the company

Dependent on the access system you install, it is possible to have one on every single door in the business. It sounds complicated but it can be easily changed‘to determine who can get into what part of the business.?

Delivery men will only be able to get into the lobby, managers are the only people able to get into the head-board room etc and certain staff can only gain access to their work stations.?

Without an early access system, visitors and staff will be able to wander around any part of the company, accessing some potential private documents and machinery.?

No more keys

Keys will now become a thing of the past, as workplace passes will be needed to enter and exit the building.?

By doing so, HR can easily see the times in and out of the building, not only at the start and the end of the day but also during lunches and breaks.?

Without a pass, no one will be able to enter the premises, ensuring that?only those who you want in the building can access.?

If you are interested in getting an access control system in your business, no matter what size, then get in touch with Link Alarms?on 01514235154?and one of our expert team will be in touch to discuss the options.?

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