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What Makes Link Alarms the No.1 Alarm Installers in Widnes?

No.1 Alarm Installers Widnes | Link Alarms


There’s no doubt that Link Alarms are number one alarm installers Widnes, as we’re one of the North West’s leading approved security companies! Link Alarms was established in 1979 and are an SSAIB Approved Security Company specialising in tailored security solutions to home and businesses throughout the North West.

Being one of the best alarm installers in Widnes, we are SSAIB certified and continue to have 100% customer satisfaction; but what is SSAIB certified, I hear you ask…

What is SSAIB and why alarm installers in Widnes need it?

SSAIB stands for Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board. They are a leading certification body for organisations providing security systems, fire detection, alarm systems, etc. Being a Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved certification body that operates within the UK, allows the customer to be confident that they’re getting a high-quality service.

A certification with SSAIB is a mark of excellence. Meaning, you should always avoid hiring someone without a certification like SSAIB to protect your home!

Our Alarm Services

At Link Alarms, we currently have multiple services around alarms, including:

One of our team at Link Alarms can perform all of the above services if needed. A member of our team will always ensure all your expectations are met, from supply and installations, monitoring and maintaining or repairing your systems.

Alarm Maintenance

Alarms maintenance packages at Link Alarms include the following:

  • Regular servicing
  • Priority appointments
  • Free call-outs
  • Reduction to alarm downtime
  • Excellent performance maintenance
  • Free assistance via phone

As number one alarm installers Widnes, we want to keep you, your family and your business safe and secure, just as we have been since 1979.

Call Link Alarms today on 0151 423 5154 or fill out our contact form here.

Keep your business safe and secure with Link Alarms.

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