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Why alarm upgrades are essential

alarm upgrades


Why keeping up with alarm upgrades is essential to security

Why keeping up with alarm upgrades is essential to security

As security continues to evolve, so do criminals and their methods as they continue to find new ways to beat new and old security systems.?

With that in mind, there has never been a more important time to make sure your alarm systems are working,?not only for your safety but also potentially your businesses.?

The world may be awash with cyber-crime, but crimes in person continue to rise as well, due to ageing systems that are not fit for 21stcentury use.So, without further ado, we want to provide you with just a few pointers?on why alarm upgrades are essential???


Will your insurance even cover you?

You may have the latest and best business or home insurance, but can you be sure that they will pay out if it turns out you have a dated security system? Or even worse, it doesn’t work.?

Long gone are the days of insurance claims that are paid out immediately, with companies going the extra mile to ensure that every claim is genuine and unavoidable.?

If the unspeakable does happen, then can you afford the insurance claim being rejected due to something as simple as a routine alarm upgrade???


A new security system is a high deterrent for criminals

Don’t assume for one second that it is?potluck?whether your property or business is broken into.?

Criminals will target places with dated alarm systems, whether that be from an old box outside, or perhaps the omission of CCTV.?

Even the sight of a fully working alarm or cameras can be the only deterrent needed to ward off a break-in.?

Most alarm upgrades are simple tasks, and relatively inexpensive, so it is worth looking into, especially if it keeps you, your family or your possessions safe.?

Security can not only keep unwanted guests out, but it can provide extra levels of safety once inside. Certain rooms can only be accessible by certain members of staff if there are any important documents or machinery inside.?

Having passes to enter and exit a building can also be a great help for HR, who can easily check who is in the building, perfect for checking attendances, as well as doing checks in the case of a fire.?


How Link Alarms can help?

For over 40 years, Link Alarms have provided expert knowledge and help on the way to becoming one of the North West’s leading security system providers.?

Should you feel your existing unit needs an upgrade, then our helpful team?can?provide a full survey of your current property and advise on the options you?have to?improve your security.?

We look for the most costeffective methods and keep your posted at every step.?

If your current system is unreliable or in need of an urgent upgrade, then get in touch with Link Alarms and we will help. We can be contacted via telephone on 01514235154 and in most cases can get to you the very same day.?

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