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Why does my house alarm keep going off?

Why does my house alarm keep going off? | Intruder Alarms | Link Alarms


We know; it’s a nightmare when your house alarm keeps going off, and you’re unsure as to why it keeps happening!

Luckily for you, at Link Alarms, we’ve got a fair bit of experience with this particular problem – over forty years, in fact!

In this latest blog, we’ll discuss just exactly why this keeps going off and how to fix the problem…

Reasons why your house alarm keeps going off –

There are many reasons why you’re house alarm could be going off; here are some common examples:

  • Your backup battery may need replacing:
    A reasonably self-explanatory reason, but without backup battery power, it may be trying to alert you that it needs its power replacing.
  • There could be a fuse blown –
    The internal makeup of your house alarm means that a single blown fuse can spell catastrophe for your domestic security alarm. In terms of your alarm going off, a broken fuse can make your alarm sensors go haywire!
  • A cable could be damaged/cut
    Tried to have a look at the problem yourself and damaged a cable? With the number of cables interconnecting to make your house alarm function properly, any minor damages can have a knock-on effect on surrounding cables causing malfunction.
  • External sounder may be broken due to weather damage –
    With your house alarm being installed outside, it can take a bit of buffeting from the elements! This is probably the most common reason we encounter why a house alarm is continuously going off.

How Link Alarms can help –

All of these problems are relatively easy to find and solve. Costing will also be a whole lot less than a complete Security System Repairs and installation to resolve.

Most systems can be brought back to life by finding the fault and replacing that single part.

If you’re looking for a complete security system repair or overhaul, we’re the team to call!

Do just that on 0151 423 5154 or get a quote online here.

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