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Why Link Alarms are the No.1 alarms installers in Widnes

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Regarding alarms installers Widnes, there really is nobody better than Link Alarms!

From domestic and commercial intruder alarms, plus fire alarms, there is literally not a single type of alarm we can’t install!

In this latest blog, we’ll discuss this variety of alarm installation and why for alarms installers Widnes, the name you should be using is Link Alarms!

Alarms Installers in Widnes

Intruder Alarms – Domestic

Intruder Alarms are essential for a family home’s security and peace of mind.

Whether in the home or away from it, today’s modern technology in intruder alarms ensures that your home is always protected.

Even the presence of an intruder alarm in Widnes is enough to deter any would-be burglars. It ensures prized possessions are safe and secure at all times.

Intruder Alarms come in two different grades, Grade 2 and Grade 3. Most domestic alarms will be categorised as Grade 2; Grade 2 alarms are/have:

  • Installed in premises classed as low to medium risk by insurance companies
  • Have anti Tamper devices built in to control, signalling and detection equipment
  • Anti mask facility is built into all detection devices as standard. Still, this facility is only required in specific “High-Risk Locations.”
  • A self-actuating sounder which incorporates a strobe light which flashes when the alarm activates
  • Signalling to the alarm receiving centre utilising grade 2, grade 3 or grade 4 single path or dual path signalling
  • Our staff will advise you to liaise with your insurer, if necessary, on which grade of system and protection best suits your requirements

Intruder Alarms – Commercial

If you’re a business owner in Widnes, installing a commercial intruder alarm is probably the wisest business decision you can make!

Protect what’s most important to you, your shareholders and customers alike.

Commercial intruder alarms also offer your employees an added level of safety and security. They are free to concentrate on their roles rather than fear for their safety.

As previously mentioned, intruder alarms are categorised into two grades. Many commercial alarms will fall under Grade 3; they will have/are:

  • Installed in premises classified as medium to high risk by insurance companies.
  • Anti-tamper devices built into the control, signalling and detection equipment
  • Includes as standard movement sensors incorporating an anti-masking feature. This feature creates an immediate alarm signal to warn that the equipment is masked somehow. In some circumstances, the field of detection may be blocked
  • A self-actuating sounder is fitted to the outside of the building. Our sounder will always incorporate a strobe light which flashes when the alarm activates
  • Shall signal to the Alarm Receiving Centre Utilising Grade 2 Grade3 or Grade 4 Dual signalling path.

Fire Alarms – Domestic

As well as intruder alarms, fire alarms should be a priority installation for your home.

Many fires occur when the occupants are asleep or away from the property.

A Fire Alarm detects and alerts the relevant authorities at any sign of fire, potentially saving lives in the process.

Fire Alarms – Commercial

Again a fire alarm should be one of your first points of call as a business.

Protecting your property, staff and business in the event of a fire is a no-brainer!

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We have become a leading security installer continually striving for 100% customer satisfaction – keeping your family secure since 1979!

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