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Why you should regularly check your domestic Fire Alarm?

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Why you should regularly check your domestic Fire Alarm?

It’s a scary stat but one in three domestic fire alarms fail to warn a household in the event of a fire, due to battery issues.

So for #FirePreventionMonth, we want to reaffirm just how important it is to regular check your domestic fire alarm for any faults. We’ve been keeping you secure since 1979 and we don’t want to stop anytime soon!

Our engineers will only ever install the very latest the market has to offer. Advancement in technology means that our domestic fire alarm panels can use sound and sense to detect the threat of fire.

For extra security, your domestic fire alarm can be linked to our fire centre, which can ensure, should you be away from your property, that you are made aware as soon as a fire breaks out.

Your domestic fire alarm system will then notify a specified individual or local fire staff in your area, with any appropriate measures then being taken to ensure your safe evacuation from your home.

All of our available systems have incorporated total fire protection that covers an array of factors including heat and rise rate whilst also being able to utilise beam sensors for complete fire protection.

Top tips for checking your domestic fire alarms:

  • Regularly check battery levels
  • Perform test fire drills
  • Check sound levels are optimal
  • On installation, ask your engineer to demonstrate any functions you are not sure of
  • Be mindful of your ease of exit in case of a fire

At Link Alarms, we have members of staff who have been previously employed by the fire service meaning that we have the best working knowledge of fire in the business.

For a free fire assessment, for peace of mind or an updated domestic fire alarm, please call 0151 423 51454 or fill in our enquiry form here.

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